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Where To Go In Search Of Unique And Interesting Essay Topics

It can be a challenge to write a good essay. However, the most difficult part is not in the writing itself but in the choice of a good essay topic. Many students go through some agonizing moments as they try to choose a suitable essay topic. Others will also go and sit in front of their PC and begin tying as the ideas pour in. However, most students aren’t this fortunate and they will need to think of ways to find some interesting and unique essay topics. Here are some ideas on where they can get them from.

Asking questions

Yu may have no idea how this works. However all you will need to do is to browse through textbooks and the notes and questions that are in the book to come up with a good essay. Another alternative is to sit down with a paper and pen and ask some questions on the ideas that you were given in class. Ensure that the questions that you come up with are able to generate a discussion.

Brainstorm strategies

This may sound like rocket science but it simply means choosing ideas that come in your thoughts. You can then use these topics to come up with an essay that is a masterpiece. After the initial idea comes in the mind, use wordings and citations of authors but ensure that your concept remains original. You can write down the words, abbreviations as well as phrasing as they come. Remember that it is not yet time to start writing but you are just putting down the main ideas related to the topic as they come. The intentions here should be to ensure that you have as many ideas as you need.

As you empty ideas from your mind, ask yourself some questions like why, where and how something happened. Use also comparisons and contrasts. If you happen to read regularly, you will find ideas flowing easily. These ideas may be related to some opinions or quotes or facts that are reported in a journal or newspaper. Your next step is to analyze the topics while organizing them to get an interesting topic.

Use internet search

You can also find interesting essay topics by simply doing internet searches. You will come across so many websites that have suggestions on some good essay topics. Ensure that you select an essay topic that you will find interesting to write.