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Top Ten Creative Essay Writing Prompts For Middle School Students

This time in a student’s education is vital. This is the time where teachers try to get and keep their attention. To comprise interesting prompts the teacher needs to understand the many situations the student goes through. They will be asking themselves questions on these matters. Letting them know you want to help them deal with such situations will build trust. In today’s world there is not enough of this to go around. Their minds are there to be molded. Take this opportunity to start them off on a good foundation of learning. Here is a list of ten creative essay writing prompts for middle school students.

  1. The student’s body is a wondrous thing to them. Making the path of explaining the inner and outer workings will definitely get their attention. It would be a mistake to approach them like a scientist. Your job is to make the experience more like a game than an assignment. Keep in mind that students of this age have a lot of things going on in their heads.

  2. There are different ways to write these prompts. A popular way is turning them into a short story. Another is writing down things as they happen. Make it like a memoir experience. It really does not matter how the student approaches it. They just need to be interested and motivated.

  3. Always keeping in mind what the student goes through at that age will give them all kinds of material. The emotional rollercoaster can be a big help. Writing about the changes in schools. The process of starting all over.

  4. Relationships between the opposite sexes. Opening up to let the unknown into their head. Dealing with their own sexuality no matter the scenario.

  5. Pushing them to use their creative and descriptive skills. Opening their eyes to the things that are going on all around them.

  6. Getting the student to write in a way that keeps their attention. This will help them start thinking outside the box.

  7. Letting them know they have a lot of the same questions and wonders as the next student. The quicker they get a handle on their insecurities the better. They will see they are not as different as they think.

  8. After school activities will get them involved with other students. This will help them open up

  9. Get involved with things that make them comfortable. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. They need to be as secure as possible.

  10. Be sure to make the activities more fun than work. I recommend this site. They give you all kinds of ideas on how to make school work more like a game.