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Writing Tips: What Are The Qualities Of A Good College Essay?

Essays are a scary word to many people. They scare many people and really there is no reason. One thing you can take comfort in is that the more you write essays, the easier they will get. If you follow a certain format and do the same thing every time, they are easy to create. Your college essay is no different than any other essay except it is about you. Here are some writing tips that will make your college essay easier to write.

  • Your college essay is something you write that will tell the college entrance reviewers something about you that doesn’t show in your SAT scores and high school grades. They want to know a little something about your personality. Think about your strengths and decide what you like about your strengths and write about that.

  • Think about an experience that made you the person that you are. It could be a serious illness in your family or a large promotion your father had. Make your essay interesting by telling them the story.

  • Find something about yourself that separates you from other students. What special talents do you possess? Think of anything you have done that sets you apart from others will also make the essay interesting.

  • Once you have written all of this information down. Assemble an outline so you can get some kind of organization to your notes. This is the best way to force you to organize your thoughts.

  • Use your typical essay format for creating your masterpiece. Use the 3 part format:
    • Introduction – This is where you introduce yourself and explain why you are writing the essay. Tell them an interesting fact in this paragraph so your reader will know this just isn’t another boring, college entrance essay. Think hard about something you want to write that will make their eyes open wide and look forward to reading the rest

    • Body – Have a paragraph for each major thing you want to talk about. Maybe one for your strongest point, another for your special talent, and another for an unusual experience.

    • Conclusion – Remember this is what they will remember about you because it is the last thing they read. Write whatever you want them to remember about you.

This college essay is an introduction to you that isn’t seen in your grades. It is a chance to show your perspective school who you really are and let them know you are worthy of attending their school. Take your time with the essay and blow them away with the real you.