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10 Fresh Argumentative Essay Topics About Environmental Issues

Lots of people are nowadays about different environmental issues and with good reason. The environment is in a critical state and raising awareness is one way to ensure that the natural balance is not disrupted in any way. Due to the relevance of the environment in the contemporary context, it is a very good theme to use when writing an argumentative essay.

You will find yourself lost, however, when it comes to picking a suitable topic for your term paper since there is so much ground to cover and it may prove difficult to narrow the choices down to the ideal title for your dissertation.

Know the realm first

If you want to come up with a suitable title for your argumentative piece regarding environmental issues, you must have some sort of technique ready which you could use to think of innovative ideas. You have to do some research in order to get a title that you think will strike a chord with the readers.

One of the ideal ways to select a title is to pick something that you would like to write about and then jot down any points and ideas that come to your head. A lot of these ideas may turn out to be useless in the long run but some of them will inspire you to come up with finer topics and titles which you can cover in your environmental freelance paper. Essentially, you have to use these sorts of brainstorming tactics to develop a wide range of ideas which might be more focused to find the correct title to use in your thesis.

Ten good topics to write on

Some of the most unique topics for your environmental issues homework essay may be:

  1. What should the government do to put a stop to the reliance on non-renewable sources of energy?

  2. Is it right if car owners have to pay larger amounts of taxes due to the damage caused to the environment through pollution?

  3. Should car manufacturers focus on manufacturing only hybrid vehicles in the future to minimize environmental pollution and damage?

  4. Should there be harsher laws for polluting the environment?

  5. What should be the fate of companies which are found guilty of harming the environment by dumping harmful materials and wastes?

  6. Is it the responsibility of individual households to do more for the purpose of recycling rubbish that is produced by them?

  7. What are the world’s countries doing to curb the emission of CO2?

  8. How much of climate change can be attributed to humans?

  9. Should public transport be made mandatory for all people?

  10. How safely is nuclear waste being disposed of?