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Top 7 Effective School Essay Writing Tips For Dummies

Student across the world write different academic assignments at different stages in their student life. They might be new to certain types of assignments which would mean they need to research, read expert written papers, and practice writing before they go ahead and create the final paper for submission. Different students have different choices and preferences for learning. Some find it easy to concentrate on written assignments while others think it is better to attend lectures and learn from them. It is a good idea to get familiar with the essay writing because you will keep on getting these assignments on a regular basis. If you are an expert at writing these papers, then you will deal with most of your academic tasks without much trouble

To make it easier, here are seven effective tips for students get better at essay writing

  1. Get familiar with the structure
  2. This would help you in a long run because all of these assignments follow the same structure. You always open your paper with an introduction where you present the topic to the audience and move to the body of your paper. The number of body paragraphs varies with major arguments in your paper. Finally, you write a conclusion where you summarize everything you have done so far

  3. Learn different types of assignments
  4. You will have to know the difference between argumentative, expository, informative, narrative, descriptive, comparison, opinion, analysis and synthesis writing. This is important because you have to attempt one or other of these types in different subjects at different grades

  5. Know how to target your audience
  6. vIt is important for you to learn to understand the audience you are composing the paper for and write for them. You have to write from their mind and present what they want to read

  7. Practice writing on different subjects
  8. If you keep on practicing on the same subject, you will never have enough exposure and confidence to write any other subject. You have to make sure that you are writing on a variety of subjects

  9. Read expert written papers
  10. When you read papers by expert writers, it helps to get a sense of strengths and weaknesses of writing

  11. Divide work in steps
  12. It makes it easier when you work in small intervals

  13. Edit and proofread
  14. Always make a habit of proofing and revising whatever you write