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Choosing Winning Opinion Essay Topics On Education: 15 Great Suggestions

In an opinion essay, you should express your opinion on some topic and support it with good arguments. Your teacher may ask you to write an opinion paper on the topic of education. There are plenty of issues within this field that you may write about. If no idea comes to your mind, you may choose a topic from the list given in this article.

The List of Opinion Paper Topics on Education

  1. Schoolchildren should learn a second language from an early age.

  2. Children should start going to school from a younger age.

  3. Students should have less homework than they currently do.

  4. Teachers should pass regular tests to prove their professional level.

  5. Lessons should be made shorter and more frequent.

  6. The school day should start and finish later.

  7. Parents should have an active role in the education of their kids.

  8. Students should be rewarded for attending a school without skipping lessons.

  9. Corporal punishment can be implemented to teach discipline in schools.

  10. Schools should make more use of the latest technology such as tablets and laptops.

  11. Students shouldn’t ever study in single-sex classes.

  12. Higher education should be available for free for everyone.

  13. Schools should abolish testing and exams.

  14. Security personnel that protect schools should be armed.

  15. College athletes should be paid.

How to Write Your Academic Paper

Before you start composing your essay, you should think about the arguments that you’ll defend your opinion with. It’s advisable to find strong arguments that can be supported with references to reputable sources, so take your time and conduct thorough research on your topic. You should also make an outline for your paper and follow it during the writing process in order to structure your text properly and not forget to mention anything important.

Writing your essay, use simple words that will be understandable to everyone since your audience consists mostly of your classmates. This will help you concentrate the attention of the reader on the actual contents of your paper. The introduction should start with a hook, a sentence containing an interesting fact related to your topic. Each body paragraph that introduces a separate argument should begin with a clear topic sentence. These topic sentences should also be restated in the conclusion to remind the reader about everything they’ve read in your paper.

Remember to revise your essay several times after you’ve written all its sections. Mistakes should be corrected and weak sentences should be rewritten.