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13 Absolutely New College Essay Topics On The Picture Of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is a world-famous piece of writing. The book is very popular as well as the movies. College students who study literature often have to prepare essays on topics related to the story of Dorian, the novel’s main themes, and socially important issues raised by the author. To surprise your professor, you should carefully select your topic idea. Use the following list of absolutely new prompts to get inspired.

What Topic Ideas for Your Assignment to Consider

It is recommended that you select a controversial topic. It is a good idea to formulate a question that does not have a single right answer. The best essay questions are “Why?” questions. However, you can also consider other options. The 13 great examples are provided below:

  • Why cannot we define Dorian Gray’s nature as either evil or good?

  • Do you agree that the painting is the reflection of the “real Dorian” and his character?

  • What might have happened if Dorian had not met Lord Henry?

  • Why does the painting of Dorian play such an important role in the story?

  • What attitudes does the main character have towards art?

  • What is the role of art in the conservative society in England in the 19th century?

  • Do you agree that Dorian loves Sibyl Vane?

  • Do you believe that every person is responsible for his or her pitfalls as Dorian tells Basil?

  • Who is responsible for the Dorian’s downfall, he himself or Lord Henry?

  • What is special in the relationship between Dorian and Basil?

  • What Gothic elements help understand the key ideas of the novel?

  • Do you agree that Dorian makes a pact with the devil as Faust does?

  • Would you also decide to destroy the painting if you were Dorian?
  • How to Come Up with an Original Prompt for Your Literary Essay

    You can use one of the aforementioned topics to compose an interesting literary essay. However, you can also come up with another prompt. You can search for more sample topics on the Web, ask your classmates to brainstorm with you, or re-read The Picture of Dorian Gray to find a quote that you can discuss in your paper.

    Having a controversial quote about women, love, beauty, eternity, sin, etc. is great. You can organize your entire writing around a chosen concept. It makes sense to search for dialogues between Dorian and Henry, as they contain many great statements to explore deeply.