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List Of 25 Examples of Great Cause And Effect Essay Topics

A cause and effect essay is research in which you have to find out why something happens and what follows this event. Depending on the data you have at the start, you need to either determine the cause of a certain situation, or its consequences, or the connection between the given causes and effects. Such a project is not too complicated but can be very interesting, especially if you find a good topic.

Where to Search for Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Something happens due to certain reasons and leaves its trace every moment. If you need a nice cause and effect topic, you can just look around and choose practically any aspect of the life. After you have chosen an area to research, you need to make sure that you have enough reference materials to support the statements that you make, and that’s all.

It’s sometimes quite difficult to create a good topic from scratch, though. If this is happening to you, сheck out the essay topic ideas below, for example.

  • The most common cases of divorce.

  • Is there any influence that parents’ divorce can cause on their children and the way they build their relationships?

  • Does living together before getting married affect relationships positively?

  • What are the causes that make women get involved in bad, destructive relationships again and again?

  • Does a happy marriage really affect a person’s life and even health positively?

  • Why do girls experience problems in their relationships with men if they have had problems with their fathers?

  • Can having vacations together positively affect the atmosphere within a family?

  • Being raised in poverty as one of the most powerful mechanism of reaching success.

  • Are there any reasons why men earn more than women at the same jobs?

  • How does it affect a personality to be raised in a highly religious environment?

  • What’s the reason why racism and sexism never stops?

  • What’s the potential effect of inoculation rejection in the today’s society?

  • Why does AIDS spread in Africa so intensively?

  • How does globalization help diseases to spread?

  • How does stress affect people’s health in the long perspective?

  • What’s the main cause of cancer?

  • Why do people seek alternative treatment methods that aren’t always effective?

  • What’s the effect of birth control on women?

  • What’s the consequence of regular exercising and working out?

  • How does being not like others affect teenagers?

  • What’s the reason why teenagers want to become a part of a social group?

  • How can offline and online bullying affect a teen’s soul?

  • Why do teens strive for school popularity?

  • What are the causes of the popularity of social networks?

  • What’s the effect of having (not having) a smartphone on a teen?