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Essay Topics On Dr. Faustus: 10 Questions You Can Answer

Many times, students are required to partake on the act of literary composition based on novels or texts they have read and so, over the years, one of the widely studied and written on book or play is that on Dr. Faustus. The play which was written by Christopher Marlowe is a German Faust story and was published for the first time in the year 1604. It therefore goes without saying that this is one of the oldest plays still studied in academic institutions to date. Apart from Shakespearean plays, Dr. Faustus is one of those considered most controversial in the Elizabethan times. To date, critics have never come to a conclusive agreement regarding the nature in which texts in Dr. Faustus are crafted. Over the years, the book has been enacted and re-enacted countless times making it a bit easier for modern day student to understand. Also, the book, so it goes without saying, is one of the most powerful play based productions in years of literary composition. In the play, Dr. Faustus is presented as someone of controversially many contrasting characters. All the same, this makes the play a worthy study for any student who wants to gain a deeper insight into what literary composition is like.

Well, if you were assigned an essay on Dr. Faustus, it is important to start by taking a look at some worthy topics and in this post, we start you off by listing some important essay questions on Dr. Faustus. You can also look at this company for more topics or questions based on the same play for better understanding.

  • Well, to begin with, a good topic question you can look into when studying the play ‘Dr. Faustus’ is does he fit well as a medieval or renaissance man?

  • The role and character of metaphastolophilis in the damnation of Dr. Faustus. Discuss with examples

  • The theme of sin and repentance in the play Dr. Faustus

  • The theme of religion in the play ‘Dr. Faustus’ A look at the presence or absence of God

  • Style of soliloquy is widely used in the play. Discuss this with instances

  • Dr. Faustus and the devil. A look at Faustus misgivings with the devil

  • What is the relevance of Dr. Faustus play to modern day study of literature as well to modern day contemporary society?

  • The question of unlimited power in the play. A look at how Faustus uses his Magical powers Robin, Rafe are some of the comic characters in the play. What roles do they play?

  • Justify whether Dr Faustus is either a Christina tragedy or not