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Fresh Ideas For A Cause And Effect Essay: 22 Great Suggestions

The goal of the cause & effect essay is to examine why something happened.. The cause and effect essay trace why a situation starts and discuss the result of the situation. The subject that you choose for the cause and effect is a great consideration. This is why we have a list of 22 great suggestions for your cause and essay. With these topics, you will be on your way to writing a great paper.

  1. The effects of pollution

  2. Changes occurring in oceans

  3. The effects of The Civil Rights Movement

  4. The influence of the internet on kids

  5. Effects of alcohol on the nervous system

  6. Effects of bullying on kids

  7. Domestic violence

  8. The effects of music on the body

  9. The effects of Putin politics on the neighboring countries

  10. The effects of being raised by a single parent

  11. Why many women continuously get into destructive relationships

  12. The impact of stress on your health

  13. How abuse of drugs negatively impact the human body

  14. The effect of the Syrian war on the United States

  15. The Cause & effect of telling lies

  16. The impact of divorce on kids

  17. Causes of racism

  18. Causes & effects of terrorism

  19. Causes of tsunamis

  20. What effect does credit culture has?

  21. The effects of globalization of the local economy

  22. What effect does homeschooling have?

To use these topic ideas to fit a cause & effect essay, you should reword the question to ensure that it fits in your assignment. Have a question for the topic idea to ensure that it remains organized. The thesis should consist of the answer to the topic question. The most important thing is to ensure that you choose an essay topics that you will enjoy writing. With the right choice of a topic, you will have a cause & essay that is more successful, instead of writing down some vague ideas. This will make it possible for you to take your writing to the next level.


Just like the introduction, the conclusion should be made of a generalization of thesis. The goal of this paragraph is to express absolutely and with certainty on the subject matter. Reaffirm the thesis and show that you proved it. For more ideas on writing different kinds of essay, you should check this site.