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The 20 Best Descriptive Essay Topics To Boost Your Creativity

One of the best prescribed methods to boost the creativity of children at an early age is to ask them to write descriptive essays. There are several ways in which you can go about the job and you need not necessarily borrow a topic from somewhere to get going. You can always come with your own topic when writing. But it never hurts to take a little help with the subject of the paper given you have the right resources to get going.

What’s in a topic?

Nearly everything; if you get the topic just at the right place to start off. The topic makes or breaks the enthusiasm of the reader in the paper they are about to the read. This means you will have to be doubly sure about the relevance of the topic and connect with the readers. Here are some topics that will tell you the story better.

20 apt descriptive essay topics

  • Write a few paragraphs describing your favorite place

  • What according to you are the characteristic of an ideal bedroom

  • Write a few short paragraphs about the house where you have grown up

  • Make a list of the favorite places which you visit whenever you are in your hometown

  • Describe the elements of a peaceful place you once visited

  • Write a few paragraphs about the person you consider your favorite

  • Describe the ideal qualities of someone you will like to make friends with

  • Pick one of your friends and describe a few things about them

  • Describe to an alien the traits and characteristics of a commonplace human

  • Describe a person whom you are missing now

  • Write a note about a special object dear to you

  • Take a virtual tour of your room through the objects in it

  • What was the favorite plaything of your childhood

  • What are the best things about your favorite dress

  • What is your favorite furniture? Describe it to a guest

  • Describe one of your oldest memories. You may make up the gaps

  • Write about the best summer vacation of your life

  • Describe a great day that you spent with your family in a foreign nation

  • Write a note on the safest memory of your life

  • Describe a time when you felt the most excited in your life