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What Is A Descriptive Essay – Definition And Main Strategies For Writing

Descriptive essays are literally a picture painted with words. These are used to vividly describe an event, place, person or a thing. These do not narrate an instance, but different sensory observations are used to give meaning and depth to the subject. These literally through the power of words bring to life the subject for the reader, and this is done by using different human senses.

When you read a descriptive essay you feel an emotional connection or a bond, or you appreciate the subject better, or even the significance is given more meaning.

You can find help here on the strategies used to write these descriptive essays:

  1. Prewriting: First you need to think about what has to be written, who it has to be written about or what needs to be described and what is the purpose of this. You need to evaluate if you want to write about the significance or if you want to literally sell the subject to the reader.

  2. Once you know and have been able to answer the questions above, you should gather information about all the minute details which are associated. The sights, sounds, smells, feels and tastes (if applicable).

  3. You should then draft out the descriptive essay and remember it needs to be done so vividly that the reader should be able to paint a picture of it in his or her mind. A good strategy for this is to start with general details and then add uniqueness to it. The essay should flow and not seem choppy.

  4. You should not cram too much into a paragraph nor have the paragraph be too long. Each of the paragraphs should explain one aspect, and there should be transition statements which help the paragraph transition to the next.

  5. The essay should end with a conclusion which ties everything together.

  6. After drafting out the essay, you need to proofread it and correct syntax errors, spelling mistakes and the like. Then you should work to improve the clarity as well. The essay should not be full of clichés.

  7. You should then get someone else to read the essay and point out to you its flaws or areas of improvement

  8. The essay should then be submitted.

These strategies will help you write essays will be highly appreciated by your instructor.