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Attractive Informal Essay Topics For Beginners

Informal essay is written mainly for the enjoyment purpose. The informal essay is not like the formal essay. In this, the matter is written in a very relaxed style, but the structure on which it is based is very strong. The informal one is more personal as compared to the formal one. In the informal writing, the speaker directly conveys what he wants to say to the reader in a conversational manner while in formal writing the speaker doesn’t directly say what he wants to say but he conveys it with his words in a formal manner.

There are a large number of topics on which informal writing can be done. See if these ideas begin to spark your imagination and take it from there. A few attractive topics for beginners to write might include:

  • The “Delights” of our school Cafeteria

  • The Best Journey Of My Life

  • My Religion

  • The Point In My Life Where I Would Start Over

  • Choosing the Profession-How To Make A Right Choice

  • Living Alone- Pros And Cons

  • Studying and Working- Mission Impossible?

  • Your Bravest Moment

  • An Event That Changed Your Life

  • A Special Place

  • When A Friend Let You Down

  • How You Overcome A Fear

  • Life On The Moon

  • Love And Friendship

  • School Or Home Education?

  • Disneyland

  • Life In The Future

  • Seven Wonders of The World

There are a lot of topics on which an informal essay can be written. The above-discussed topics are some of the attractive topics on which the beginner can write, and that can help him/her to get a good command over writing. One should practice the topics listed above in order to become a good writer. These topics will help a lot in knowing about how to write and what to write. So if you are a beginner, then try practicing these topics. It will attract the audience. As we all know, practice makes one perfect and so is here. Practicing these topics will help in gaining knowledge and also becoming a good writer. It is not at all a tough task to write; anyone can write the good matter if he/she has a good command and practice over the writing. Once the person practices a few topics, he/she can surely become a better writer. It is the easiest thing one can do. One can also take it as a hobby and have good command over it.