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Interesting Informative Essay Topics To Write About

If you are searching for a good essay topic, you will need to choose one that isn’t too broad or too narrow. You will also need to choose a topic that you and your audience will find interesting. For instance, while you may find the story of the universe interesting, it may not be interesting to your audience. You will also need to keenly go through the instructions before you can begin your paper. Now that you already have an idea of how to choose a topic, let us look into some interesting topics that you can use to get started.

  1. Caffeine addiction. You can discuss the effects of caffeine and how people have struggled to break the addiction.

  2. Poverty. This is abroad topic that you can narrow down such as poverty in India. You can inform readers of the effects of poverty and how it can be tackled.

  3. Domestic violence. Use facts and statistics to show the importance of preventing domestic violence and how to help the victims

  4. Stress. You can educate readers on how to beat stress

  5. Plastic surgery. You can start with a brief history of the plastic surgery. Also include statistics such as the number of teens undergoing the surgery.

  6. Procrastination. You can use a different approach and inform readers how they can benefit from procrastination.

  7. Winning a lottery. While we harbor this dream, probably you have heard a story of how lottery has ruined families.

  8. Prostitution. You can focus on the history of prostitution

  9. Bulimia/anorexia. You can choose to inform the reader of the possible cause and solutions to the problem. Another alternative is to focus on how to treat the problem

  10. Illegal immigration. There are plenty of arguments that you can delve into on the issue of illegal migrations.

  11. Racism. While this is a sensitive subject, you can teach your readers on its causes and the effects. Since this is a wide subject, you can narrow it to a subject such as racism in US schools.

  12. Tattoos. For many years adults have always had tattoos. Nowadays, they have become popular among young adults and rebellious teens. What is the cause of this shift in the society? Why have tattoos become mainstream?

  13. Lifestyle diseases. You can look at the cause of lifestyle diseases, prevention and prevalence.

  14. Teen pregnancy

  15. Violence in schools

Choose a topic that you will enjoy writing.