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A List Of Useful Transitional Words And Phrases For Expository Essays

Expository essays are frequently assigned in academic writing. When working on this form of paper, it is crucial to consider an idea, do the necessary investigation about it, expound it clearly and come up with an argument. Indeed, while this may appear quite mind-boggling, composing this type of writing piece is uncomplicated provided that you take it one step at a time.

Please be guided that when working on an expository essay, it is very important to learn how to properly use the transitional words as well as phrases. It is worthy of note that these are also referred to as signal words. In a nutshell, these are usually placed at key points in order to guide the reader as he or she reads the sentences and the paragraphs. Through using them, it is easier to obtain a systematic and clearer communication with your target audience.

In the same way, when writers link sentences and paragraphs, they are able to provide a sense of movement which for a fact enables their audience to adhere to the primary and the subordinate concepts without hassle and as an outcome, readers can have deeper understanding of the message and purpose of the writer.

Exploring more on transitional words and phrases:

When connecting 2 paragraphs, it is essential to expound how these 3 paragraphs are logically linked. What is more, transitional terms and phrases shall be exactly what you require to highlight for your audience the intellectual linkage between paragraphs at times - this is to assist them delve into your essay. Many times, such transitions aim to address a significant similarity and dissimilarity such as:

  • despite

  • in contrast

  • likewise

Meanwhile, when suggesting a meaningful ordering, commonly something temporal, you may consider using:

  • First

  • In addition

For something causal:

  • Therefore

  • Thus

On the other hand, it is helpful to remind the reader of what was argued earlier – take note this is for longer paper:

  • On the whole

  • As has been said

  • In short
It is worth mentioning that because the effectiveness as well as the clarity of your transitions shall hugely rely on how well you have arranged your writing piece, it is substantial to assess your essay’s organization prior you work on the transitional terms and paragraphs. Moreover, sum up in a word or two what each paragraph discusses in the margins of your draft and how this suits the conclusion as a whole. By doing so, you can clearly see the order and linkage between your concepts in a clearer approach.