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Creative Suggestions for a One-Page Essay on Abortion in High School

Abortion has always been a topic that required special attention. Some people find it a crime against life, others – a better way to cope with a pregnancy than giving birth to an unwanted child. The topic is extremely delicate, but it’s useful in education, especially in writing essays. In this way, students learn about abortion, its dangers and possible consequences, and develop skills in describing their personal opinions.

Tips on Creating a Successful One-Page Essay on Abortion

  • Don’t go too far with your research.
  • You will need some knowledge on the topic to write an essay, but if you’re assigned to create a one-page work, it won’t look good packed with rough facts in an attempt to prove your deep background. Describing one aspect that you find especially interesting will be enough for such a small work.

  • Use examples.
  • You might have heard of some situations connected with abortion. Add them to your work or even make one of them your topic. For example, you may write about the value of your grandparents’ opinion in a woman’s final decision or the psychological damage that aborting a child may cause.

  • Mind the structure.
  • Any work has to be structured. Make sure to include all the essential parts:

    • Introduction
    • Main body
    • Conclusion

    For your work to be creative, try including some additional elements. For instance, a list will make the text easier to read and comprehend, while a quotation will make it more interesting and show your rich background in the subject and the ability to support your point of view.

  • State a question and answer it.
  • This is one of the most useful models for any type of academic papers. Almost any topic may be rebuilt in a question. State it in the introductory part, give the information you’ve got into the main body and sum it up with an answer to the question in the conclusion. Using such a model will make the reader interested till the last sentence.

The topic of abortion is always full of questions. Should we blame women who decide to take such a step? Can it be a logical way to cope with an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy? The opinions are diverse and you have a chance to talk about yours by completing such an assignment.

These useful suggestions will help you deliver your thoughts and knowledge on such a difficult topic in a creative way, reward yourself with an excellent grade and boost your reputation as a student.