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How to complete an essay on obesity in America

Obesity has become one of the prime concerns in America in the twenty first century. Every third person in the street will complain to about being overweight. Obesity as we know is the condition where an individual keeps increasing in girth and their weight is well beyond normal. The problem is all the more serious because it is affecting the kids as well. Taxes have been imposed on obesity causing food but to no effect.

You can easily choose the topic of obesity in America for your essay. It is a current issue and something that will interest people. Plus, you will have a lot of material to work with. In case you are uncertain about the framework, you can get advanatage of this service.


In the introduction you will begin by talking about the problem of obesity and how it is on a rise in America. You have to show the reason you are taking up this topic, sort of justify yourself. You must also state why the topic appealed to you and how the topic is one of general interest. Then elaborate a little about obesity in general, its causes and effects. Then describe your title in detail and the things you are trying to achieve by researching on this particular subject. You must put facts and figure to support any comment that you make. Give your reader a brief glimpse into the statistics of the problem. The idea is to engage attention.


Here you have to talk about the rise of the problem, what happened to make it a big issue. Lots of facts are required to make this part very informative. It should give the reader a complete view of the problems and its origin. You should provide graphs to make this part engaging.

The details of the problem

With the help of charts, graphs and other data show the current condition of the problem. Talk about the increase in weight, the health risks of exceeding BMI, etc. Give state wise data if possible.


Mention the consequences of obesity and how it is wasting the money of the nation. Mention the health risks of obesity.


Talk about what leads to obesity; genetics, sleep, developmental, stress, diet, etc.


Finally talk about the measures that are being taken to deal with the problem.


Make a statement to reinforce the need to do something about the problem. Suggest plausible easy to deal with it.

Provide lots of facts in your research; include more chapters if you feel the need to.